Slack 终于支持中文了 文章目录 1. 前言 2. 我为什么使用 Slack 3. 使用 Slack 有什么好处 4. Slack 界面展示 前言 今天跟一个朋友在 slack 上交流,想给自己换个头像,于是点开了设置,

Electron 12.0.1 发布

Release Notes for v12.0.1 Features Added support for the des-ede3 cipher in node crypto. #27992 (Also in 11) Fixes Child windows with specified background colors or transparency now work as intended. #28107 Fixed an issue where BrowserViews could have mismatched draggable regions to their bounds. #27988 (Also in 10, 11) Fixed an issue where win.capturePage() never called back after calling hide() for a hidden window on some platforms. #28075 (Also